At Soho VFX our passion for movies is the driving force behind everything we do.  Our primary goal is to contribute to the stories that we help bring to life, whether they’re on the big screen, streaming, or in an immersive experience.  We are deeply committed to the art of visual storytelling, and we believe that every role in our organization is critical to the success of each project we undertake.

We believe that diversity is key to our success, and we are committed to creating an inclusive culture that values diverse perspectives and ideas.  We seek out individuals with a strong technical background and an artistic streak, as we have found that these are the people who truly push the boundaries of what is possible.

At Soho VFX, we are dedicated to fostering innovation and encouraging our employees to think beyond predictability.  We offer a great work/life balance and closely monitor extra hours to ensure that our employees have the time and space they need to be at their best.

If you share our passion for movies and visual storytelling, and if you’re looking for an exceptional place to work, we would love to have you join our team here at Soho VFX.