Founded in 2002 by partners Allan Magled, Berj Bannayan, and Mike Mombourquette, Soho VFX began as a boutique studio employing only a handful of people. From the beginning, the studio's specialty was the production of high-quality photo-realistic visual effects. In 2005, Soho VFX landed itself a leading visual effects role: the creation of the elastic "Mr. Fantastic" in Marvel's The Fantastic Four. For this project, the studio expanded to include more than 40 artists. Since then, Soho VFX has helped superheroes come to life in several other Marvel productions.

In 2007, Soho VFX expanded its facilities again in order to take on almost 200 shots for The Incredible Hulk. The studio's success on this blockbuster project propelled it to become a world-renowned visual effects house. To this day, a life-sized model of the Hulk towers over the studio's reception area, commemorating the determination and drive of the entire Soho VFX team.

Since then, Soho VFX has continued to produce top-quality visual effects, contributing to many box office hits, including: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The A-Team, Battle: Los Angeles, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The Studio

In the heart of Toronto's Liberty Village, the Soho VFX studio resides on the fourth floor of the John Brunswick building on Hanna Avenue. Originally built in 1905, this building was home to the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company, which manufactured billiard tables, bowling lanes and, later, phonograph records.


Today the building remains a hub of vision and innovation, housing several highly creative businesses in the media and entertainment sector. The interior is composed of a combination of modern industrial design and historic board-and-beam architecture.

In 2010, Soho VFX performed its largest renovation to date, expanding the studio to accommodate almost 200 artists and support staff—making it one of the largest visual effects studios in Canada. The renovation added several new offices, boardrooms, and edit bays, as well as a larger screening room with stereoscopic projection capability.


The culmination of all this work is the Soho VFX studio space as it exists today: An open and relaxing workplace that encourages creativity and collaboration among its artists.



Security is of the utmost importance in the movie industry, and Soho VFX is committed to offering services that are constantly monitored, upgraded, and tested against today's security threats. Soho VFX utilizes industry-standard firewall protection, secure transfer connections, and encryption for all physically or digitally shipping assets. Additionally, Soho VFX has passed security audits with all of its major studio clients, as well as industry partners.