We create, we innovate, we trailblaze.

our history

In 2002, Soho VFX was born. What began as a boutique visual effects studio, has grown into an innovative, talented and creative team of artists, supervisors, developers and support staff. From concept to filming, to polished final product, we work collaboratively to create truly exceptional client experiences throughout each stage of the visual production process.

Where the magic happens

Soho VFX is located in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto. Spread over three floors the studio includes two screening rooms, a cafeteria, large rooftop patio, therapy room and spacious artist areas that fuel collaboration, productivity and inventiveness to make the extraordinary happen every day.

Your data secured

Soho VFX strives to create a secure facility for all our industry partners. We are committed to offering services that are constantly monitored, upgraded, and tested against today's security threats. We employ first class firewall technology, secure connections for file transfers and encryption on physically shipped assets.

It’s a privilege to do what we do

Every project brings its own challenges and we love rising to the occasion. The excitement is infectious as we work together to bring never-before-seen visual concepts to life. For us it’s about far more than doing the job – it’s about providing a complete experience that’s fun, productive and cutting-edge every step of the way.

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