Digital Compositing & Matte Painting

Soho VFX boasts a team of digital compositors that can construct a photo-realistic environment to fit seamlessly into any scene. This might mean recreating New York City, transforming a sunny suburban daybreak into a moonlit landscape, or filling an empty stadium with a cheering crowd. To accomplish all this and more, Soho VFX uses the most advanced digital compositing software available, as well as many proprietary in-house tools.


Soho VFX can pre-visualize shots and sequences, allowing its clients the freedom to explore ideas and options. This enables productions to achieve the best possible visual effects without compromising their schedules or their budgets. Pre-visualization allows directors and visual effects supervisors to experiment with staging, art direction, lighting, camera work, blocking, and even editing—without having to incur the high costs associated with principal photography.

3D Animation

Our 3D production pipeline consists of several specialized departments: modeling, texturing, rigging, match-moving, animation, dynamics and particle effects, look development and lighting. Employing an arsenal of commercially available software as well as many proprietary tools, the experienced Soho VFX 3D team can create a wide range of convincing digital effects. With natural animation and photo-realistic looks and lighting, the resulting shots are limited only by the imagination.

On-set Supervision

On-set supervision allows Soho VFX to be an active part of principle photography. Skilled supervisors can assist in determining how best to set up and shoot a scene. This early involvement allows Soho VFX to begin post production with effects-ready footage and with much more information about it.

Having worked on such sets as The Incredible Hulk, Final Destination 5, Knight and Day and X Men 3: The Last Stand our experienced on-set supervisors combine technical and creative savvy with exceptional interpersonal skills to create a collaborative environment with the director and on-set crew to ensure the best translation possible from principal photography into post production.

Software Development

The Soho VFX software development team has years of experience in the film and visual effects industries. In order to facilitate the creation of the most spectacular visual effects, they have built a suite of custom pipeline and production tools. Whatever the digital artists need—be it custom tracking or rendering tools or software to simulate photo-realistic skin and hair—the Soho VFX developers write the code to make it happen.