Visual effects in Logan: Interview with Soho VFX studio

July 11 2017

At least nine studios were involved in creating the visual effects for Logan. Some of these worked on the main characters and digital doubles, whereas the rest were responsible for Logan’s claws and wounds. Soho VFX studio in Canada created Pierce's robotic Hand, many CG vehicles in chase sequences, and other significant visual elements of the movie. Berj Bannayan, owner and VFX Supervisor at Soho VFX studio, shared more with RENDERU.COM.

FX Guide

No small feat: making Jack the Giant Slayer

March 08 2013

fxguide delves into the virtual production behind Jack the Giant Slayer, Bryan Singer’s re-telling of the classic fairytale in which farmboy Jack (Nicholas Hoult) finds himself in a very different world and charged with recusing princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) of the Kingdom of Cloister. Digital giants, CG beanstalks and entire new worlds were overseen by visual effects supervisor Hoyt Yeatman, with several houses including Digital Domain, Giant Studios, The Third Floor, MPC, Soho VFX, Rodeo FX and Hatch Productions contributing.

Animation World Network

Jack Gets a Giant Re-Imagining

March 05 2013

Virtual production takes an evolutionary leap with Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Slayer.

VFX World

Wolverine Gets Indestructible in X-Men Origins

May 01 2009

"...Other mutant effects were handled by Soho VFX, Toronto, where Allan Magled served as vfx supervisor and Keith Sellers as digital FX supervisor. A crew of 50, including artists and support, spent over 16,000 hours on the project, working on more than 230 shots. Part of the work focused on Wolverine's claws (bone and adamantium), but the team also provided CG augmentations and/or effects for Creed, Deadpool, Gambit and Wade..' "

VFX World

Max Payne: Ride of the Valkyries

October 20 2008

"...A major sequence takes place on a helicopter pad situated atop the Aesir building. Since no suitable location was found, the actors were filmed on a simple helipad set surrounded by a green-screen. Soho VFX then extended the set, connected it to the CG Aesir building, and added an entirely CG/matte painted New York City environment around it. "


Canuck FX shops dazzle on summer blockbusters

July 21 2008

"...Toronto's soho vfx provided everything from effects, CG props and an entirely CG helicopter crash for this locally shot big green moneymaker. But you can't get much bigger - or greener - than providing fully digital characters of the Hulk and the villain Abomination, as soho did in two sequences. "

Computer Graphics World


July 01 2008


"...Soho VFX's crew of approximately 100 artists created 150 shots, with most taking place during the nighttime battle between Hulk and Abomination on Harlem rooftops that extends for nearly two minutes of screen time. For those shots, Soho VFX built highly detailed CG rooftops and streets seen below. 'We had to be able to shoot everything close up,' Magled says. 'Every water tank, ledge, and brick. The pre-vis kept changing; we had to be prepared for anything.' "

Dell Canada

Dell Technology Helps Soho vfx Deliver Incredible Effects...

June 01 2008

"Our business is built on technology and our IT infrastructure has to support the storage of large amounts of data, high processing speeds and high security," says Allan Magled, partner at Soho vfx. "Dell's data center solutions have held us in good stead over the last six years and enabled us to deliver high-end visual effects for The Incredible Hulk. "

Animation World Magazine

Final Destination 3: Going the Distance with VFX

February 10 2006


"...One specific sequence -- the "tanning bed death" -- was assigned to Soho VFX. "It consisted of about 35 shots featuring CG skin, CG glass, as well as CG fire and smoke mixed with live fire and smoke elements," visual effects supervisor Allan Magled explains."

Computer Graphics World

Starting a Small Studio: Part two of a Two-Part Series

January 20 2006


"...After acquiring the visual effects division from a studio in Toronto, where all the owners previously worked, the new company and its staff of four set up shop in a decommissioned elevator shaft. Now the team works in a hip loft-type studio, which is large enough to accommodate the additional freelancers and contractors during heavy workloads. "

Computer Graphics World

Starting a Small Studio: Part One of a Two-Part Series

January 20 2006


"...Founded by Allan Magled, Michael Mombourquette, and Berj Bannayan, the studio's recent credits include The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Final Destination 3, and Fantastic Four. So how did the Soho VFX crew get their business off the ground? ... The reality is that the three entrepreneurs bought the visual effects division from a studio in Toronto, where they all previously worked. "The opportunity came along and we took it," explains Magled. "

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Soho VFX: Far Reaching Effects...

January 01 2006


"You're always looking for something different and new, something that hasn't been done, because almost everything's been done," says Magled. "Mr. Fantastic, with all that stretching -- we'd never seen it before. So we went after it hard."

Computer Graphics World

Four Play

August 23 2005

issue #8

"..The effects and R & D wizards at Soho VFX stretched their skills to create the elastic superhero, Mr. Fantastic. "We started envisioning how we'd build this character last summer," says Soho VFX's Berj Bannayan. "Every part of his body can stretch and change shape in some way. We had to build a rigging and modelling pipeline in Maya so that any time an animator wanted, Mr. Fantastic could stretch across the room."