screening room

Studio Reel

Our 2017 studio reel is here! Highlighting some of our spectacular work on Logan, Max Steele, Ben Hur and many more.


Character Reel

The character reel showcases our ability to bring fantastic super heroes, mythical creatures and realistic body doubles to life. On this reel we highlight some of our favourite full frame closeups from The Incredible Hulk and The Fantastic Four, crowd simulation from The Chronicles of Narnia and Blades of Glory and facial expression shots from Aliens in the Attic.


Environment Reel

Over the years we've done some amazing work on creating full CG environments, set extensions and matte paintings for a large number of films. The Environment reel showcases some of our best work from movies like Jack the Giant Slayer (set extensions and full CG environments), Final Destination 5 (full CG environments), Book of Eli (set extensions and full CG environments) and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (matte painting set extension).


Breakdown Reel

If you've watched some of the other reels, you may be wondering where real footage ends and CG footage begins. Watch the breakdown reel to gain some insight on just how extensive our work is in some of our favourite scenes!